Selecting Perfectly Fitting Athlete Swimwear for Various Body Shapes

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Many of you may be thinking that is will be easier to choose swimwear or beachwear to fit your athletic body shape, but it is not always so. It may be true in case of selecting the outerwear as there are standard fits for different body sizes and you do not find many problems with it. These are in fact meant to be on the show and not necessarily meant to compliment to your body shape.

Swimwear, however, is different. Whether it is for athletic training or a casual beach holiday, the key to choosing the right swimsuit lies is to understand the verities out there to fit each body shape and realizing how each of them affects one’s appearance.

Different body shapes

Women used to define themselves proudly based on their body shapes. However, there may be many out there who are still not sure of their natural shape and choose their attire accordingly. So, the starting point of choosing proper athlete swimwear is to know your natural body and learn how to accent them with the right piece correctly.

  • Apple Shape

Those who are having a larger abdomen and upper body are called apple shaped. These people may have a comparatively narrow hipline and smaller legs. The overall appearance may be a heavy top and lean bottom.

As belly part is the most unforgiving portion for apple shaped women, a one-piece tankini may be ideal for them. There are also athletes choice swimsuits featuring side detailing, which are suitable for apple-shape ladies. However, banded bikinis may also offer enough support to some of the apple shaped women, which you need to check case to case.

  • Pear Shape

Right in contrary to apple, pear-shaped women feature a very narrow waist to shoulder portion and comparatively smaller bust size. However, pear-shaped women seem to struggle a bit with weight concentrating on their hips, buttocks, and thighs. So, while choosing swimwear, asymmetrical cuts may look good on their body. It is ideal chose slighter colors and shades on top and comparatively darker shades at the bottom. There are swimsuits with a high cut leg, which help elongate the lower section.

  • Short torso shape

Short torso means a comparatively leaner midsection. That, in turn, makes hips and waist of the short-torsoed women appear bigger. These category women also have a nice leg. So, while choosing swimwear, it is easy to feel good with some chic details as some graphic cut outs or something made in brighter colors. High cut bottoms are also standard for this category.

  • Long torso

Another category in which women feel disproportionate about their body shapes is long torso type. The objective of choosing an appropriate swimsuit for long torso category women is to create an illusion of a comparatively shorter midsection. When it comes to the design, it is ideal to choose bold prints. Curved and horizontal stripes can also play the trick to create a much balanced look.

There are more options, which you can explore to get an adequate choice in terms of athletic swimsuit, both to support your body shade as well as to ensure maximum comfort and flexibility.

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