Preparing for a Big Game? Here Are 5 Amazing Ways to Ensure You Perform Your Best!

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The confidence that comes with being fully prepped for an upcoming game is crucial in ensuring your best performance. Failure to prepare efficiently before a game places you in a very delicate position where you become clouded with nervousness or anxiety. This anxious state makes your muscles tighten up, thus causing your game performance to go down the drain. If you’re looking to have the best game of your life, then you are definitely at the right place. Let’s look at the top 5 ways to ensure you ace your upcoming game.

1. Stay focused on the present

Maintaining your focus and concentration in the now, keeps your mind fully at peace. When you allow your concentration to drift into past failures, it will lower your motivation. On the other hand, keeping your focus on past victories will create unhealthy pressure on your upcoming performance. Don’t be bothered about the things you wish you had or the training you wish you did earlier. Instead, take active steps and focus on what you CAN do right now in order to make a difference in the game.

2. Avoid over-exertion

Exercise is always good. But as you prepare for your big game, you would want to recall that too much exercise is unhealthy. After your warm up, ensure you gradually increase the intensity of your exercises to prevent experiencing muscle soreness, tendon tears or exercise-related muscle injury. If you start experiencing any of these before a game, it will greatly reduce your level of performance when in play.

3. Employ the use of a leg compression machine

Muscle compression machines really come in handy in reducing recovery time after exercises. Compression devices enable you to recover in a passive manner while at rest. Using leg compression boots before the big game will help you to achieve the following in a very natural way: increased venous return, better excretion of metabolic waste, reduced muscle soreness and prevention of swelling caused by edema. Compression therapy also increases your body circulation, speeds up your recovery and ensures you are at peak performance in your upcoming game.

4. Nutrition and sleep are key

These two go hand in hand in ensuring your body is at optimal performance. While your nutritional needs will differ depending on the type of sport you play, ensure that you maintain a generally balanced diet which keeps your body healthy. Staying fully hydrated is also key in maintaining optimal body metabolism. Getting enough sleep ensures you are well rested as it allows the body to repair worn out cells and tissues while building new muscle.

5. Maintain positivity

Your mind is the most important muscle you’ll need to achieve exquisite performance. What you allow to consume your thoughts can either hinder or help you perform better. It’s very important that you stay positive about your upcoming game even when things seem tough. Practice positive affirmations before and during the game. Remember you are only as good as you think!

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