Playing With a Curveball in Bowling! Have a Look at Tips to Hit a Strike


Are you a pro in bowling, or just a beginner?

No matter what you are, striking a hit in one shot is a tough thing. However, if you are a master of it, perhaps you want to try different ways to throw the ball.

While novice players typically hook the straight ball, champs throw the ball with a curve. But what’s the fun in throwing a curveball?

A curveball has a high chance of knocking and hitting the 5-middle pin of the third row. Not only this, but a curveball also gives you better control and will help you strike the pins at an angle that will increase the chances of bowling strikes. Any ball which is left standing when you hit through a curve will be then easy to hit.

If you want to perfect the curve hit, have a look at the steps to be a pro:

Step 1:

Pick the ball which should be lighter than the ball you usually pick. Since you are learning curve technique, choosing the light ball will decrease your chance of getting hurt. Also, if you have plans to build your own bowling center, keep light weight balls as well for beginners.

Step 2:

Stand in the lane with your feet close together, now put your fingers in the holes of the bowling ball. Also, make sure to insert your thumb as this will give you better grip and control on the ball.

Step 3:

Target the pins and bring your hands at 90-degrees with the ground. Instead of twisting your arm to hook, go for a straight hit. Hold the ball with your free hand and grip the ball. Just make sure to keep your wrist straight.

Step 4:

Don’t focus on pins, instead, aim at the arrows that are printed in the lane. If you are left-handed, look at the second arrow from the left-side; however, if you are right-handed, focus at second inward arrow from the right side.

Step 5:

Lean your body in the forward direction with the ball at the backward direction. Keeping your wrist and hand straight, control the ball and make it prepare to release.

Step 6:

Place your left foot on the foul line, swing your arm forward and raise your right foot.

Step 7:

Let the ball slip off your thumb, keeping your fingers high and straight. The right position of your hand and wrist, along with the movement of your fingers will make the ball to move in curve direction making a hit.

So, now that you know how to hit a curve, use the above steps and make a hit.

If you are a rookie, chances are you might not be aware of basic rules of bowling, have a look at them too:

  • You should knock down all ten pins
  • Each game has ten frames, which means if the player bowl in the tenth frame, he will get two more balls.
  • Scores are based on the number of pins you knock down
  • Also, don’t bowl while wearing street shoes
  • Spare strikes will be marked as slash ‘/’ while the strikes are marked as ‘x.’

Concentrate on above steps and be a pro to hit a curveball!

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