Bowling Myths Busted: Play the Game like a Pro

Bowling Balls

So, you are you a bowling fanatic? You perhaps know everything about the game!

Bowling is a quite fascinating game; hitting the pins, competing with friends and smashing your records, who would not love it.

However, sometimes people won’t be able to enjoy this exciting game because they fail to meet the high-end expectations for the sport. Although the game doesn’t demand any specific instructions, the myths created by people give hopes of a more practical view of what the game is all about.

If you have ever skewed by fake information about the game, have a look below to find whether the info you have is a myth or fact.

Your Game Depends on the Weight of the Ball!


Bowling players usually believe that the heavier a ball is, the better will be your game. However, it’s not true!

The general limit of the ball is sixteen pounds, but the player can pick the one as per their choice.

Although the sixteen-pound ball will put a good impact on your game as well as on pins, you can go for the lighter one if you are finding it difficult to lift the heavier one. Just be comfortable with the ball that would help you hit with accuracy. If you want to be a pro, you can practice the hits in your in-house mini-bowling alley before challenging any opponent.

Entry Angle is the Key to Stroke a Hit


Although the entry angle of the ball should be accurate, the hit to the pins depends on the rotation of the ball. The balls with high rotational energy have a high possibility of hitting the pins. Therefore, to increase the rotational energy, the player should pick stronger ball as well as move at the arrows.

You Can Hit the Pins with Fancy Equipment


Although the fancy equipments are perfect for champs, if you don’t know how to hit the ball, they are of no use.

The expensive bowling shoes, a specific bowling ball, finger tapes, wrist guard, ankle and wrist bend and all other stuff is not going to make you a professional.

In simpler terms, if you have a little to no bowling experience, the fancy stuff is not going to help you. However, a seasoned player can look for getting equipment to bring some noticeable change.

A Straight Shot Hook Will Help You Hit


If you want to be a better bowler, then it will take a lot more than just throwing the straight hook.  The player has to know how to control the hook rather than just hitting. However, if someone throws the curveball doesn’t mean that he is not a bowling pro, perhaps he only has that skill.

The Bigger Hook is Better


Well, hitting is not about the magnitude of the hook. Instead, it’s the versatility of the player and its efficiency of spinning the ball. To hit the shot, the effective hook should carry only five pins.

Although the bowling needs hands-on practice and dedication, one can start from the basics to hit a shot. Also, keep in mind the myths mentioned above and their facts and become a pro.

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