How Amateur Cricketers Should Choose Their New Bat

Cricket Bat

There are several considerations to take into account when choosing a new cricket bat, all of which are to some degree subjective and personal. You do, of course want a bat that will perform well during a match, but there is also the question of price and the type of player you are. Here we examine some of the factors amateur cricketers should consider when choosing their new bat.

A Reputable Supplier

The first factor to consider is where to purchase your new bat. While heading to the local high street may suit some players, the range of bats on offer is likely to be limited and so looking to a specialist like Talent Cricket is recommended.

A specialist supplier will stock a wide range of bats, so you won’t end up having to compromise. You are far more likely to get expert guidance and to find just what you are looking for.

The Grading System

There is a grading system for cricket bats, however, it can be a little misleading as it refers to the way that the bat looks as opposed to how it performs. As cricket bats are made from willow, a natural material, each one performs differently and so it is only by using them that the quality of their performance can be ascertained.

There are some factors to look out for, however, that will give you some indication regarding the potential of a cricket bats performance.

The Age and the Grain

The very best cricket bats are made from older willow, as it becomes softer with age and therefore plays better. Premium bats will also have at least 10 straight grains running through the wood, another sign of its quality.

It is worth bearing in mind though that the differences between a really expensive grade 1 bat and a moderately priced grade 2 bat can be virtually undetectable to the average amateur cricket player.

The Pick-Up

Perhaps the most important factor when choosing a new cricket bat is the pick-up – that is to say how it feels in the hands.

A well-made bat will feel light to pick-up and will also feel well balanced. Comfort and weight are paramount when it comes to performance because the bat should act as an extension of the player’s body and as such feel natural and not cumbersome to use.

Take these four factors into account and you should be able to choose the perfect cricket bat for you, walk onto the wicket and hit some sixes.

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