5 Maintenance Tips for Every Foosball Table Owner


Let’s be realistic the perfect foosball table you bought was probably expensive. A purchase you don’t regret as it gives you hours of entertainment.

Let me ask you this: Is a foosball table something you want to purchase more than once? I’m sure most of us would agree and say no.

There is a way in which you can guarantee you won’t. Follow these five simple yet effective maintenance tips to extend the lifespan of your foosball table.

I’ve had the same signature foosball table for years. The gameplay and force of them barely show. This is achieved by these tips that I also follow.

Lubricate the Rods

You need the rods to turn smoothly for every game. When you feel the rods don’t turn smoothly you must lubricate them.

You need to lubricate the road with silicone. There are two silicone applications you can use.

  • Spray silicone
  • Liquid silicone

Liquid silicone is the better option between the two. You have more control of where you can add the silicone. The spray will emit silicone on everything that’s in the nozzle’s path. With spray silicone, you also can’t lubricate the bearings which are essential for smooth turnings.

You get better accuracy and use out of liquid silicone because you have better control of the application.

Lubricating the rod is the most important yet time-consuming maintenance activity. Luckily you don’t need to lubricate the rods every week. Once a month should suffice especially when your foosball table begins to age.

Feel if the rods or bearings need lubricant. If they’re still smooth then don’t apply more silicone. You’re more resourceful and won’t waste product.

Fix Broken Parts

Continuous and rough use can make a certain parts chip or crack. If left unfixed these small damages can later become larger ones. And I know this isn’t something you want.

Almost every element on the foosball table is repairable. If you follow the right guideline you can fix broken parts yourself.

Most times you only need to superglue parts back together. Do it immediately when you see them broken. If you don’t, they may not fit back well and broken parts may be more noticeable.

If parts are broken beyond repair you can also replace them.

If the wood is chipped, sand the area down to make it smooth. Paint over it with varnish so it matches the rest of the table.

Loose goal posts can be glued down to any commercial wood glue. If the men are slightly loose, add a bit of paper to the hole where it attaches to the rod. When you spin the rod all the men will face the same direction.

Keep It Indoors

The foosball table is made of delicate materials. You must always keep the table indoors. It may be tempting to take it outside during a summer party. But rather don’t.

The sun can make the colours fade or cause the wood to wither. Sun damage is harder to maintain and fix. It’ll be expensive to take the table to a professional.

Rainy weather also has its effects on the table. Rain can cause damage to the wood by making it warp. If rain enters holes it’ll take longer to dry out. Sometimes it may not dry out at all. The wood will begin to rot slowly and without you noticing. This is the worst type of damage because it can’t be repaired.

The foosball table can also suffer hail damage if left outside. The hard-hitting icicles create dents on the table.

You can’t predict the weather. It’s best if you kept the table indoors. If you desperately want to take it outside, put it under shade and don’t forget to bring it indoors again.

It’s Only a Foosball Table

Many of us are guilty of using items outside their specific purposes. Remember a foosball table is not something you use to serve food.

Keep food away from the table as it can cause stains. These are difficult to remove. If you don’t remove the stain immediately it can worsen with time. This causes the table to age prematurely.

Guests must not use the table as a place to put their drinks. Even if they use coasters there is a risk someone will knock a drink over. You can clean it up immediately however if it spills into holes it can have the same effect as rain. Some drinks can stain the foosball table.

Oh, and whatever you do make sure nobody uses the table as seats. Not even children. The added pressure can put a strain on the wooden frame. This increases the possibility of the foosball table collapsing.

Buy Specialized Cleaning Products

You may think any product is sufficient for cleaning the table. I’m sorry to say but you’re wrong. It’s so sad to see someone with a beautiful foosball table but it’s damaged because he used the wrong cleaning products.

You can find these cleaning products in your local supermarkets. You can also ask the salesman which products are the best for the brand and the materials.

Remember to not use harsh cloths or sponges. These can scratch the table’s finish making it look older than it should.

Clean the foosball table at least once a month to maintain the new look appearance. Cover it when not in use to make cleaning easier for you.

These maintenance tips may seem hard, but I assure you it’s straightforward. The best part is you don’t have maintained the foosball table every day. Eventually, you’ll get used to maintaining the table it will be second nature to you. The results leave you with a table that looks brand new for years.

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